The Painters Curse

As Light Dies

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Painting is my life,
Even i left my girlfriend to focus on my paintings
That's i'm damned
Knowing death awaits me.

Everything started the day when my uncle asked me to paint his portrait.

I started to paint without trouble
Almost at the end
Something possessed me
And made paint over his throat
Some aggressive whirls
Days after a call from my uncle terrified me
His throat was attacked by an awful cancer.

The days passed my old girlfriend begged to me
To do her portrait first i refused by strong was her insistence.

The situation repeated it shelf i entered the painting without trouble
But again before the end i wasn't my shelf.

Suddenly scars with crawling snakes appeared on her face
I was very scared
Days passed and her phone call told me to meet her.
She told me she has a.i.d.s.

I refused to paint,
And i have been condemned.
Desire has forced me to get
Aids from my old girlfriend.

Today when i look into a mirror
I see my face riddle and wasted and i know is time to die.

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