The Sinking of Atlantis

As Light Dies

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I hear the waters coming.
This is the day of the end of our great empire.
The scourge of the gods finally has arrived
to slash our corrupted civilization.
Our wise men predicted it,
but we didn't want to listen at them.
It's too late to restrain the rage of our gods.
We will be swallowed by the ocean
to the very deeps of the earth
where every light dies before emerges.
All that will remain of us, will be a legend and nobody will believe...

A new age begins, and another dies with us.
Our culture and influence in the world will lose its name.
No one will find our remains.

An awful earthquake
shakes the earth
and our buildings
are crumbling.
The ground breaks itself
and swallows the horrified people.

No one knows where to run away,
A few of them pray in repentance.
I feel how the cold waters wet my feet
in the middle of this catastrophy.

Waves drowns the Atlantis citizens
as its power destroys the continent.
Atlantis is sinking, and all of us are sinking with it.
It is dragging us to its unavoidable end.

I am floating in the edges of a great whirlpool.
spinning faster and faster
reaching the fatal center
where I will be swallowed up forever

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